Re: Special GNOME event in California next week

To Dan and the rest of GNOME lovers.

Some privacy (not secrecy) has been needed to bring this idea into a
reality. Trust the promoters 5 days more and you will most probably

Look the topic of the conference. If you are into this topic you
probably know what's going on, or know who will be most probably
involved. All the main GNOME players in this topic were invited sinnce
the very beginning and have been active since then.

If you are not into this topic you can probably wait these 5 days. :)
Like I wait fir whatever novelties about GNOME projects I can't follow
other beyond Planet GNOME

Really, I understand your concerns today but there is nothing to be
concerned about. Can we resume this debate in 6 days and save some
burnt energies?

You won't regret. Trust us.


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