Re: Special GNOME event in California next week

As a footnote, I'm pretty sure one of the original reasons we created the board back in the day was to be able to do things like this - give GNOME a way to coordinate press releases without "breaking" them (press releases simply don't work if discussed in public in advance). Another reason for the board is to be able to talk to companies that aren't ready to go public with their plans.

It has been discussed before and led to both positives and negatives before. Maybe digging in the archives would be fruitful.

Ultimately I think GNOME would miss out on a lot of opportunities if the board could not keep things secret when appropriate, and ultimately there is no way to say what can be secret except that the board members have to use their judgment - so the accountability comes down to the board elections.

But in the past, there may have been some more nuanced discussion that may be helpful. Heck there may even be a standing policy that nobody remembers ;-) I don't know.

Let's do have some perspective. I think excitement and new ideas/directions and new commercial participation would all be big pluses for GNOME and we should not bikeshed too much when there are efforts in those directions.


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