Re: Special GNOME event in California next week

<quote who="Jonathon Jongsma">

> There may  be legitimate reasons for some degree of secrecy, but there is
> no information for us as foundation members to judge for ourselves whether
> that secrecy is warranted. It essentially all boils down to: "trust us,
> we're good people".

I thought I provided some pretty good information for you to judge whether
secrecy is warranted, particularly the examples related to employment and
commercial-in-confidence issues. To me, they obviously require sensitivity,
which provides clear rationale for some forms of secrecy.

> At a minimum, after things like this become public, I hope the board will
> consider preparing a summary for foundation members detailing exactly why
> it was considered necessary to keep things secret from the membership.

I can do that now: We'd like to exploit the promotional potential of this
announcement for the betterment of the GNOME community and the commercial
ecosystem around it. It is, in effect, a public secret -- the Board knows,
the Advisory Board knows, a particular subset of the community knows (and
have been participating for ~9 months) and heaps of people in the broader
community know about it but just don't know that's what we're announcing.

- Jeff

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