Re: Code Of Conduct

Murray Cumming wrote:
The current hackers appear to be at least somewhat content with the
current atmosphere. If we change it too drastically, we run the risk of
pushing existing hackers away, or failing to attract new (western/male)
ones. And I still haven't seen anything to make me believe that this
Code of Conduct would actually attract female/asian/whatever hackers. So
the downside is that a CoC might drive away the current hacker
demographic AND fail to attract any new hacker demographic.

Who's going to be drive away by us stating that we generally think it's
a good idea not to be nasty? We agree on that so where's the drastic
threat? Should our consensus say "Sometime's it's OK to flame people.
That's really fun. Oh, and treat people with dismissive contempt
sometimes too. They don't matter." Obviously not.

Nobody will be driven away by that, people might be driven away by
us stating that "you now are part of a community with a code of conduct".

The drastic threat is not the ideals/morals that are expressed in the
code; only the fact that its called a "code of conduct"; this title will
definitly be interpreted as a rule book, and the existence of any rule
book will alter the lax nature of the project.

Now ofcourse, simply stating that:
    "we generally think it's a good idea not to be nasty"
would be a great thing... and IMO doesnt need to have anything to do
with putting any kind of code in place.


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