Re: Code Of Conduct

Murray Cumming wrote:
> I wouldn't feel optimistic about a code of conduct that didn't represent
> our current consensus.
> However, there's no shortage of people saying both that
> - Some improvement in behaviour is necessary

These points don't fit together. If we are just making the current tacit
CoC explicit, then we would expect no change in behavior. If we are
trying to change behavior, then the CoC can't just represent the current

> I haven't heard any downside even from people who don't agree with either
> of those points.

The current hackers appear to be at least somewhat content with the
current atmosphere. If we change it too drastically, we run the risk of
pushing existing hackers away, or failing to attract new (western/male)
ones. And I still haven't seen anything to make me believe that this
Code of Conduct would actually attract female/asian/whatever hackers. So
the downside is that a CoC might drive away the current hacker
demographic AND fail to attract any new hacker demographic.

-- Dan

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