Re: Code Of Conduct

    I think one of the things I like most about GNOME, is its anarchistic
democratic nature, this is a true example of how people get along
in real life, if alot of good-natured people with productive intents
gather together and form a society, GNOME is an example of how things
would work out.

Sure sometimes disagreements crop up, they may even at times get personel;
nobody desires this... but it happens, and it happens because we all
want to believe we have equal rights and freedom of speech and no dictator
is around to shoot the minority that is standing in the way of progress.

I think that a Code of Conduct is dangerously looming on the "Big Brother"
side, completely regardless of its content; nobody wants to be told what
they can and cannot do.

On the other hand there may be benefits to expressing our moral values
somewhere on the GNOME websites...

<quote who="Quim Gil">
I think GNOME would be a less exciting place with a Code of Conduct.

<quote Jeff Waugh>
That's precisely what it's for. It's not a list of *rules*, it's a statement
of intent, of expectations. Boiled down to the very basics, the

I wonder if it would satisfy both of you (and me too) if these changes
were made:

    o Call the page something something like "GNOME Ethics", not something
      "rule-bound" like "code-of-conduct"
    o Word the statements differently... for example; dont say:
        "Be respectful and considerate" (... elaboration of why ...)
      instead say something like:
        "Here at GNOME we like to be considerate because" (... elaboration of why ...)
      or alternatively something like:
        "Its important to be respectfull and considerate because..."

I think the same content can be presented under a slightly different banner
and get the "intent" across without the threats that come with "rules".


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