Re: Call for comments on where to have GUADEC in 2007

What are the plans of each candidature in terms of having a local person
liberated, or part-time liberated, to work on GUADEC 2007? 

Assuming you have the money to pay this person, although thoughts about
where this money could come from would we also interesting.

Many GUADEC vets say it makes a difference to have a GUADEC organization
formed entirely by volunteers or having the complement of someone with a
high level of implication (the example of Glynn and Dublin is usually
mentioned as a good practice).

As some of you know I've been hired by the Catalan government part time
since December. In fact, I started doing less of half day because I had
to close some stuff and then I recovered working full time. I believe it
was at the en of March when my time was recovered, but since then it has
been difficult to work les than full full time (np, I like the work, I'm
learning a lot and I'm getting decently paid). All this is happening
with a notable and growing group of volunteers and there are many tasks
we are not reaching at. This might give you an idea of the amount of
work involved in the GUADEC:

GUADEC 2006 is getting a level of expectation bigger than previous
editions and there is no good reason why these expectations should
diminish next year. The amount of work will probably increase, as well
as probably the exigence of the organizations supporting the event. I
think this is a factor the GNOME Foundation will need to take in account
when deciding the next venue.

Quim Gil /// |

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