Re: GNOME Local user groups

> > - Active mailing list for coordination
> Required

Ok, this is enough for the kind of 'certification' I'm looking for.
Should be hosted in the GNOME server? My vote is +1.\

My opinion is No. For example in Mongolia not everyone has broadband
and high speed connection. Thus it would be better to host ML in
Mongolia. Maybe there are more such issues. We should consider it.

> > - GNOME Foundation members in the group
> Desirable (I'd like to make this required - it would be nice for all
> user groups to maintain a full membership list)

I think this is a requirement if you want to have your group listed at You wouldn't need Foundation members to start a group,
and you could be operating with mailing list and pages.
The fact of starting and consolidating a GNOME user group should be
enough to qualify to become a Foundation member. You see my point, this
way we list in wgo consolidated groups with Foundation members in it.

I agree.

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