Re: GNOME Local user groups

El dj 06 de 07 del 2006 a les 12:47 -0400, en/na Fernando San Martín
Woerner va escriure:

> On the other hand i would like to hear ideas on how we can coordinate 
> this efforts, and how the board and the foundation can help, having 
> strong user groups it is signal of good health of our community.

What about creating a wiki page in order to define:

- What is a GNOME local group, including minimal requirements to be
recognized as an official local group by the GNOME Foundation. 

- List of current GNOME local groups.

This is important because we want to put more trust and responsibilities
on the local groups (inviting new foundation members, press contacts,
local web maintainers etc). Therefore we need to know what and who are
we talking about.

It will also be useful for contributors wanting to create a new local
group: what do we request them, what can they expect from us.

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