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Hi all:

In GUADEC i've been talking with people from the board and from other local groups, as we talk there, local groups are a good chance to do advocacy and get more users for GNOME and why not some hackers too.

By today we have a good community, GUADEC is good example for this, but also there are other ways to spread the word around the world. In Chile we started small meetings to train GNOME developers (Reuniones de formación de desarrolladores de GNOME), our first goal was to train a small group of developers to get a good level using GNOME platform, so then we can invite some "Rock star" hacker to do some more advanced talks. After two or three meetings we receive invitations from universities asking us to give some basic talks to their students and user groups, after two years we've been talking about GNOME in more than 16 meetings, some of them with more than 100 people in the room, and still we get invitations to give talks. A lot of those talks are just for users but every advocacy is a good effort to bring more users to the desktop.

The same idea is doing by GNOME-Es at spain, so this is an invitation to local groups to get organized and look forward how they can do advocacy in their countries, every single step is one step forward to the same goal.

On the other hand i would like to hear ideas on how we can coordinate this efforts, and how the board and the foundation can help, having strong user groups it is signal of good health of our community.

Fernando San Martín Woerner
Jefe de Informática
Galilea S.A.

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