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Calum Benson wrote:
> On 10 Jul 2006, at 19:34, David Neary wrote:
>> The reference mails can perhaps go off-list, but honestly I can't think
>> why that might happen - in general, if you're replying it's to give a
>> good reference, and if the reference would be bad, you don't reply.
> Hmm... so if a dozen people have bad things to say about someone, and
> only a couple have good things to say about them, we only get to see the
> good ones and the application is accepted?

It all depends on the scope of the question. For a GNOME Foundation
membership request, the question is "has this person donated
considerably more time and effort to GNOME than could normally be
expected of a user?" - filing one bugzilla bug is a "no", writing a QT
application is a "no", I think writing a GTK+ application would probably
qualify as a "yes", being a volunteer during a GUADEC would be a "yes", etc.

At what stage of the process does the question of whether the person is
a good contributor or a bad contributor come into play? Should it come
into play at all?


David Neary
bolsh gimp org

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