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On 11 Jul 2006, at 13:13, Dave Neary wrote:
Calum Benson wrote:

Hmm... so if a dozen people have bad things to say about someone, and
only a couple have good things to say about them, we only get to see the
good ones and the application is accepted?

It all depends on the scope of the question. For a GNOME Foundation
membership request, the question is "has this person donated
considerably more time and effort to GNOME than could normally be
expected of a user?" - filing one bugzilla bug is a "no", writing a QT
application is a "no", I think writing a GTK+ application would probably qualify as a "yes", being a volunteer during a GUADEC would be a "yes", etc.

At what stage of the process does the question of whether the person is
a good contributor or a bad contributor come into play? Should it come
into play at all?

It's a fair question, and not one I'd pretend to be qualified to answer... I guess my point is that, in general, any system of feedback seems somewhat flawed to me if you're only expected to give positive feedback, and remain silent otherwise. (If anything, it's the opposite of how most feedback systems work: you usually have to actively voice opposition; silence tends to imply tacit acceptance.)


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