Re: Membership Committee Mailing List Archives


Baris Cicek wrote:
> Today Behdad asked about why private list like membership-committee
> mailing list is public. 
> We're using this list for asking information about applications, and
> even though vast majority of the responses are positive, there can be
> negative ones as well. 
> For that reason, it's not good to make them public which might affect
> honest responses from reference people. My own opinion is to keep dialog
> about applications to be private. But I would like to know if there're
> some concerns related with decision. 
> Any applicant whom his/her application is denied can easily ask the
> reason, and we can show it. Even with private list, we can keep
> transparency. 

I feel strongly that the membership list should be public. Applications,
and the reasons for their rejection, should be visible to all.

The reference mails can perhaps go off-list, but honestly I can't think
why that might happen - in general, if you're replying it's to give a
good reference, and if the reference would be bad, you don't reply.


Dave Neary
bolsh gimp org
Lyon, France

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