Content and Intent [Was: Code of Conduct final draft?]

<quote who="Quim Gil">

> Bypassing the wording thing and also the content of the CoC, two questions
> I think we should agree on in order to move forward:

(Yay, this is the important bit.)

> - Do we aim to have an official GNOME <list of behavior principles>
> approved and assumed by the GNOME Foundation or is it enough with a <list
> of behavior principles> people can point to if needed?

I don't think we need to have something signed in blood for all eternity,
but the Foundation Board does need to 'bless' the idea and implementation
(or we'll be arguing about it forever).

> - In a worst case scenario, do we expect the GNOME Foundation board to
> arbitrate if someone violates the <list of behavior principles> or do we
> think that one thing is not related to the other and the board should
> refer only to the GNOME Foundation charter and by-laws.

I think that we already expect this, but we don't actually have a benchmark
for the Board to look to. It's a group of people elected as representatives
and functions as a point of conflict resolution, but we haven't written down
or clearly communicated what we expect of our community.

> I'm not against producing a list of useful recommendations like Murray is
> doing, to be as accepted as the community wants to accept it.

I've made a number of suggestions that I think would improve how it is seen
by members of the community:

 * change the name
 * be firm, but lighthearted - I didn't suggest "Be Excellent To Each Other"
   as a joke!
 * don't be afraid to put more into it
 * make sure to mention that it isn't a weapon

- Jeff

-- 2007: Sydney, Australia 
     "Love's such an old fashioned word." - Queen & David Bowie, Under

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