Re: Changing the name of GUADEC


Glynn Foster a écrit :
And by the time you've finished discussing this, I could have had the
call for papers out, call for sponsors, and had the skeleton of a web
page written.

404, just peachy ;)

Haven't we learned anything in *6* years of conference organizing??

Yeah :)

The call of papers is useless any earlier than December or January, because most people aren't thinking about May or June until then anyway.

The website doesn't need to be done until then either.

We do need to start looking for keynotes straight away.

I'm kind of assuming the work communicating with likely sponsors has started already, but I might be wrong about that...

We're early enough in the cycle that this kind of thing now takes 10 minutes, then it's done. Later, it is too late.

The most pressing issues in GUADEC planning right now are:

 - How much space will we need?
(this depends on...)
 - what do we want to do at GUADEC?
(and also)
 - how long should GUADEC be?

Those questions got asked on foundation-list about 6 weeks ago, and actually generated very few ideas.

We know how to do the nitty-gritty of the cfp, sponsors, and the website . What we haven't done well in the past few years is make a GUADEC people loved, and wanted to go to.

But then, we're getting away from the starting point, which is "the name GUADEC sucks, there are better names, let's pick one, change it, and be done with it".


David Neary
bolsh gimp org

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