Re: Changing the name of GUADEC

Pr, 2005 09 05 22:13 +0200, David Neary rašė:

> 1. There is no link to GNOME in the name, or to being a conference

It is. As we all know, G in 'GUADEC' stands for GNOME, and C is for

> 2. No-one knows what it means, which means the first question people ask 
> isn't "when is it?" or "where is it?" or "who's going?" it's "what does 
> it mean?"

The same can be said about any other event out there. If were not
familiar with particular a product and/or community, I would ask the
same: what does it mean? ApacheCon, what is that? A conference of native
americans, huh? DefCon. what the hell is this? XConf, why isn't it
called YConf?

Let me give a situation from a daily life. Lets say I'm walking in a
street and see a poster with text "Slipknot Tour". There are the
following options I may choose:

	o I don't know what Slipknot is, it doesn't attract my attention
	o I heard something about it, I take a look at it, maybe
	o I know what Slipknot is, I definitely stop by the poster
	  read all the info written and consider attending to a concert
	o I am a fan of Slipknot, ah.. that's old info, I know *every*
	  news about it, I have booked tickets 4 months in advance

What I want to say, is that if I don't know what Foo is, I don't know
what FooConf or whatever is, as well, no matter whether You call it
FooFoo, FooBar, or FConf. But if I care about Foo more, I *would*
certainly know what is FooBar, moreover if I really want to get involved
in it, I would know everything about FooBar (and I would be very angry
to see my favourite band to change its name).

Name doesn't make any difference, experience with a product does.

> 3. It sucks.

A personal taste, I have mine different from yours.

> 4. Do we really want to limit it to Europe?

This is the argument. See Bills mail about E and W in "GUADEC". :-)

> 5. We have a great new name.

See above.

P.S. I don't like neither death metal, nor Slipknot. :)

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