New rules for the elections [was Re: Nomination process should not be public until after deadline]

On Fri, October 28, 2005 00:21, Olav Vitters wrote:
> I suggest to keep the official candidates and the amount of candidates
> secret until after the nomination deadline. Candidates can of course
> announce their candidacy publicly, but I hope that when the official
> list is not known, nobody will run just because we do not have 11
> persons yet (or something like that). I also hope this avoids the
> not-so-known people from responding when they see the 'big names' on the
> list.

This proposition makes a lot of sense to me. Is there an objection to

Also, I would like to see a rule about Planet GNOME and similar sites:
I'm not sure that all the candidates will be represented on Planet GNOME
and this could give some advantage to candidates who are. I see three

 a. leave as it is and don't care about this (ie, it's not a real problem)
 b. make sure that all candidates have the opportunity to appear on
    Planet GNOME (and similar sites)
 c. ask the candidates to debate on foundation-list, and nowhere else

I think we should go with option c.

What do you think?


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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