Re: Vote NO on referendum to reduce board members


On Mon, October 24, 2005 21:09, Fernando San Martín Woerner wrote:
> I agree with you, the referendum was created to decide if we want less
> members, but may be there are some opinions to get more members on the
> board, and that's not bad, because we can vote. On the other hand having
> more members or keeping the current size give more chances to the
> monority, as some local groups are.

Why does it give more chances? Because there won't be enough candidates?
Or because people will be forced to vote for them? I'm not sure I

>> Also, why do you think a board should be bigger because the community
>> becomes bigger. The board should defer most things to other groups.
> i guess that the point is: how we can represent more ideas or opinions
> in the board?, at least for me, we don't have enough variety of opinions
> or backgrouds at the board. Of course that's my personal thought,
> actually people there have enough merits, and they get a higher voting.

I disagree. We don't need to represent more ideas or opinions in the
board. What we need is members who become active and participate in the
life of the Foundation. I'm pretty sure the board would love to hear
what the members think.

The Foundation is not a dictatorship. People on the board do listen to
other people, and they'd love to hear different opinions than theirs.

> not for latin american people only, i guess that third world too, local
> groups, and people not involved in the development but deployments or
> even normal users, for many reasons you might consider that they don't
> have enough chances to be involved in activities like this.

I agree that they don't have enough chances because a lof of members
vote during elections as if it were a popularity contest. And they
probably do this because they don't see what actions the board is
doing or should do, and who would be good at the job.

But I also believe that the people who can not be elected because of
this can do a great job for the Foundation. There's no need to be on the


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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