Re: Reducing the board size

Who are "we"?  And what do you mean by "we can trust"?

--- Tristan Van Berkom <tvb gnome org> wrote:

> I think we need people who a.) we can trust and b.)
> who have the
> time and energy to consider making radical decisions
> as much as
> conservative ones.
> It is also my understanding that the petition for
> this referendum
> was originaly proposed by David because its hard for
> the board to
> agree on anything, like having this referendum.
> I would like to know what anyone on the board thinks
> of my fear,
> Are decisions on the board crippled by disinterest
> in particular ?
> (i.e. How are we supposed to have even a majority
> consensus when
> only half the members are interested in making the
> decision ?)
> Knowing how people feel about this above point will
> definitly
> effect my vote.
> Cheers,

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