Re: Minutes of the Board meeting 2005 June 15


Danilo Šegan wrote:
How about slightly modified favicon (like the one we use on, Serbian Gnome translation web page)?  And about a
logo surrounded by a white stripe to fit the overall design (on the
same page)? (if you need reasoning behind the first, it's quite
simple: favicons show up in bookmarks, and we all scan long lists of
bookmarks by icons first—you don't want someone to mistake Serbian
Gnome translation page with Gnome page, do you? :)

Such examples would be so numerous that a case-by-case approval would
mean only one thing: don't use the logo.

I disagree. You've pointed out 2 logos. That's typically a one-day approval. I think this is better than running the risk of the GNOME logo being used in something that isn't good for GNOME.

IMHO, bureacracy is never working toward community development, though
we all admit it is sometimes necessary for stopping misuses.  And we
only want to stop misuses, AFAIK.  Right?

Misuses include well-intentioned uses of the logo that don't show us in a good light. What I'm describing is an infinitely more flexible policy than, say, Mozilla's trademark guidelines. And this isn't bureaucracy gone mad unless we do it wrong. Common sense rules.


PS. Another reason to have logo modifications go through the board is that we'd like to hear about all the user groups out there.

Dave Neary
bolsh gimp org
Lyon, France

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