Minutes of the Board meeting 2005 June 15

     Minutes of the Board meeting 2005 June 15

  - Correction on last minutes the Summit will be at MIT 8-10 October
  - GUADEC 7 should be in Barcelona
  - Approved a new class of advisory board members fees for smaller companies


   Owen Taylor (chairing)
   Murray Cumming
   Jody Goldberg
   Daniel Veillard
   Dave Neary
   Tim Ney
   Federico Mena-Quintero
   Jonathan Blandford
   Luis Villa
   Miguel de Icaza

   Christian Schaller

Actions completed:

   ACTION: Murray to investigate getting a GNOME Foundation Member Logo
     - just got a new design, probably announce 

   ACTION: Owen, Jonathan to work on agendas for the meetings at GUADEC
     - Done

   ACTION: Jody to work with Tim to make sumarized numbers for last year
           GUADEC finances
     - Done

   ACTION: Tim to get to get sumarized numbers for last year GUADEC finances

   ACTION: Tim to mail foundation and guadec lists to answer the 4 most
           frequently asked question as sent by Dave
     - communication was done

   ACTION: Federico will start a list of GNOME certifications checkpoints
           in the Wiki
     - Done we need to ask for comments on this

   ACTION: Dave to investigate the charter and make a concrete proposal
           for a cheaper class of advisory board membership
     - done, agenda, and in the charter

   ACTION: Tim look at the legal details of what it would take to contract
           someone for work on our documentation
     - we can do it as an independant contractor, the location of the
       contractor need to checked with the lawyers
     - Done

   ACTION: Luis to send mail to Keith Packard to check for potential hardware
     - Done no answer yet

   ACTION: Luis to publish his "State of GNOME" slides
     - Done


   ACTION: Dave to start looking for vendors to host the GNOME online shop
     - Ongoing

   ACTION: Dave to proceed to details stage of merchandizing agreement
     - Ongoing, in the agenda

   ACTION: Tim to secure space for the GNOME Summit and then send invitations
           to contacts in governments.
     - Done: auditorium and 3 classroom at MIT 8-10 October are booked
     - invitations are ongoing

   ACTION: Federico and Murray to create an outline for improving areas
           where our documentation is missing or obsolete
     - ongoing, it's on the Wiki

   ACTION: Daniel to send request for proposal for specific topic to be
           worked on at the next Summit
     - ongoing

   ACTION: Murray to schedule an advisory board phone call meeting in
           approximately 2 months
     - ongoing

New actions:

  ACTION: murray to announce the first version of the GNOME Foundation
          Member Logo

  ACTION: Owen to publish the summarized number from GUADEC

  ACTION: Federico to announce and ask for feedback on the certification

  ACTION: Murray to take the task to find documentation authors and get it 

  ACTION: Tim and Jonathan to continue discussions on details of hosting
          GUDEC with Barcelona

  ACTION: Tim to generate a final version in PDF of the Trademark proposals

  ACTION: Owen to make the final announcement after 2 days of review of the
          final version

  ACTION: Dave to send a merchandising proposal to Tim

  ACTION: Tim to send back the comments back to the merchandising proposal
          to the board list.

  ACTION: Owen to modify foundation.gnome.org to reflect this
  ACTION: Murray to provide final quotes for the items in the EuroGnome
          tradeshow box


 * GUADEC 2006
   We accepted a proposal for hosting GUADEC in Barcelona next year
   Tim and Jonathan will continue discussions on the details of the proposal
   Proposed Date: From Saturday 29/april/06 to Thursday 4/may/06.
   Proposed Location: The Conference Centre of Fira de Barcelona

 * Trademark proposals
   we have a draft verion but not the final proposal
   we need to make sure we can grant some other web site to carry the logo
   or use the name for example for foreign local user group
   We decide to approve the Trademark proposal, contingent on approval
   of some changes we proposed

 * Merchandising
   Reviewing one of the proposal which looks okay.
   Pass it along to lawyers for feedback

 * Advisory board 
   Reduced fees for small companies
     - $5,000 per year for companies 49 or less employees

 * The EuroGnome tradeshow box
   would need around 2,000 euros to be done, mostly 2 flat panels, machine,
   and a solid box

 * next meeting on the 29th
   potential regrets from Dave

 * adjourned after 85 minutes


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