Re: Minutes of the Board meeting 2005 June 15

Hi Vincent,

Vincent Untz a �it :
* Trademark proposals
  we have a draft verion but not the final proposal
  we need to make sure we can grant some other web site to carry the logo
  or use the name for example for foreign local user group
We decide to approve the Trademark proposal, contingent on approval
  of some changes we proposed

I read the draft again, and one new question comes to my mind: are the
local groups authorized to create a "localized" logo based on the GNOME
logo? If so, what are the constraints?

My views on this are probably going to be unpopular, but anyway...

IMHO, the GNOME logo should appear unadorned in all community uses (that is, uses which we don't regulate too much). If a user group wants to include the foot in a modified logo, then that should require explicit case-by-case approval by the board, after seeing the proposed usage. I would be happy for such approval to be given electronically.

This appears to be in line with the current proposals on the trademark guidelines.


David Neary
bolsh gimp org

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