Re: Minutes of the Board meeting 2005 June 15


Vincent Untz a écrit :
On Fri, June 24, 2005 8:41, Dave Neary said:
IMHO, the GNOME logo should appear unadorned in all community uses (that
is, uses which we don't regulate too much). If a user group wants to
include the foot in a modified logo, then that should require explicit
case-by-case approval by the board, after seeing the proposed usage. I
would be happy for such approval to be given electronically.

Will the guidelines for making a modified logo that can be approved be

There is no need for guidelines. A group proposes a use of a modified logo to the board at board-list gnome org The board decides whether they agree with this logo usage or not. The person asking promises to use only the logo that the board sees and approves. The end.

When will we be able to request an approval by the board?

Any time, I would think. We have board meetings every two weeks if a discussion is needed, usually these usages get decided on the list in a couple of days.

What about all the already existing logos?

I would like the board to be asked whether modified logos are OK. The current situation is odd - if there are unregulated uses of the logo that we don't know about, that's less of an issue than the ones we know about. I'm really not hot on the whole law thing, but the principle for me is simple - the foot and the GNOME name are our brand. I would like to make sure that the brand doesn't get diluted or made less effective because of inappropriate or ugly uses. As far as I can tell, trademark law is there to allow us to regulate that.

Btw, I'm not sure it'll be unpopular. It will certainly be if a lot
of propositions are rejected, though.

I guess it depends on the criteria for acceptance that we use...


David Neary
bolsh gimp org

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