Re: Barcelona report


> > 25 May, Thu. People start arriving
> > 26 May, Fri. Social day for all GNOME people - bbq, beers, activities
> > 27 May, Sat. GUADEC Developer Day 1
> > 28 May, Sun. GUADEC Developer Day 2
> > 29 May, Mon  IGC -+
> > 30 May, Tue  IGC  | - GNOME User and Business Sessions - everything from
> > 31 May, Wed  IGC -+   tutorials, to talks, to BOF's
> > 

> Personally I think we should make the GNOME User and Business sessions a
> separate conference this year and clearly mark it as such. Earlier years
> the user/business/government talks have mostly been an embarrassment in
> terms of attendance and I would rather ditch them from GUADEC, instead
> of wasting GUADEC resources on them. This year due to the co-hosting
> with IGC they might have a place, but I prefer to 'brand' them
> separately from GUADEC so that if next years GUADEC organizers are of
> the more traditional type we can either ditch the whole User and
> Business part or host is as a separate event somewhere else if there is
> enough interest.

Isn't that exactly what the schedule says? Have the developer days at
the weekend. Have the User and Business sessions during the IGC
conference - it seems much more up their alley anyway, and everyone


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