Re: Barcelona report


> Costs
> If GUADEC organizes its own registration fees, a certain amount of
> revenue will need to be made as a guarantee to cover a portion of IGC
> expenses. Any additional rooms and equipment will be at additional cost
> to GUADEC. Coffee breaks, if provided, will also be an additional
> expense.

So this doesn't look like the cheap conference that I originally thought
it might be. What's changed? What are the costs involved?

> Timetable 
> 27 May, Sat. Venue available (no staffing) - GUADEC arrivals
> 28 May, Sun. Venue available (no staffing) - OPENING DAY GUADEC
> 29 May, Mon.  IGC Opening reception
> 30 May, Tues. First day of IGC  - 3 GUADEC sessions/3 IGC sessions
> 31 May, Wed.  Second day of IGC - 3 GUADEC sessions/3 IGC sessions

Hrm, I thought were were going to run the developer half of GUADEC at
the weekend [Saturday and Sunday], and then have the business user
sessions scattered between Monday-Wednesday.

Looks like we're being restricted from our original plans/thoughts. Hrm,
not so happy with this one...


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