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Glynn Foster a écrit :
25 May, Thu. People start arriving
26 May, Fri. Social day for all GNOME people - bbq, beers, activities
27 May, Sat. GUADEC Developer Day 1
28 May, Sun. GUADEC Developer Day 2
29 May, Mon  IGC -+
30 May, Tue  IGC  | - GNOME User and Business Sessions - everything from
31 May, Wed  IGC -+   tutorials, to talks, to BOF's

Let's end the user/business days insanity this year and just have one GUADEC. Business/government/user talks can and should be scheduled during the "developer" days, and there is no reason not to have developer oriented sessions during the week.

I seem to recall someone (Miguel, maybe?) mentioning that most people would be leaving the US on Friday, and arriving in Europe on Saturday morning or afternoon, That was the likely motivation behind wanting to start with a chill-out day on Saturday, and start the conference proper on Sunday.

I'm happy either way.

I don't believe it would be that hard to pull off - it's taking the
ingredients from the previous years, and putting them in an organized
'non-conflict of interests' fashion ;)

Some of the ingredients of previous years need adjusting. And I don't think we should be trying to avoid conflicts of interest by compartmentalising things.


David Neary
bolsh gimp org

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