Re: Barcelona report

On Thu, 2005-07-28 at 14:06 +1200, Glynn Foster wrote:
> Hey,
> > > Timetable 
> > > 27 May, Sat. Venue available (no staffing) - GUADEC arrivals
> > > 28 May, Sun. Venue available (no staffing) - OPENING DAY GUADEC
> > > 29 May, Mon.  IGC Opening reception
> > > 30 May, Tues. First day of IGC  - 3 GUADEC sessions/3 IGC sessions
> > > 31 May, Wed.  Second day of IGC - 3 GUADEC sessions/3 IGC sessions
> > 
> > Hrm, I thought were were going to run the developer half of GUADEC at
> > the weekend [Saturday and Sunday], and then have the business user
> > sessions scattered between Monday-Wednesday.
> Let me explain what my original thoughts were -
> 25 May, Thu. People start arriving
> 26 May, Fri. Social day for all GNOME people - bbq, beers, activities
> 27 May, Sat. GUADEC Developer Day 1
> 28 May, Sun. GUADEC Developer Day 2
> 29 May, Mon  IGC -+
> 30 May, Tue  IGC  | - GNOME User and Business Sessions - everything from
> 31 May, Wed  IGC -+   tutorials, to talks, to BOF's
> Which seems to cater for everyone's needs -
> 	o It's a longer conference
> 	o We have 3 days to focus in on growing our developer and user
> 	  base
> 	o We have days for business and government talks
> 	o We have a social day, for people to meet up, talk code, and
>           have some fun
> 	o We have developer days where we can hack, avoid the monotony
> 	  of attending talks, and plan for the future
> I don't believe it would be that hard to pull off - it's taking the
> ingredients from the previous years, and putting them in an organized
> 'non-conflict of interests' fashion ;)
Personally I think we should make the GNOME User and Business sessions a
separate conference this year and clearly mark it as such. Earlier years
the user/business/government talks have mostly been an embarrassment in
terms of attendance and I would rather ditch them from GUADEC, instead
of wasting GUADEC resources on them. This year due to the co-hosting
with IGC they might have a place, but I prefer to 'brand' them
separately from GUADEC so that if next years GUADEC organizers are of
the more traditional type we can either ditch the whole User and
Business part or host is as a separate event somewhere else if there is
enough interest.


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