Re: Some slides and a paper from L.C.A. 2004

    With respect to the use of the term GNU/Linux please use Linux with the
    (TM) or the trademark symbol in situations where it might otherwise
    imply things like ownership (eg GNU/), otherwise it may lead to
    misleading assumptions about the Linux name

People can do that if they wish to, but the GNU Project's decision is
to write "Linux" (and the other trademarks) without "TM".

As I understand trademark law, there is in general no legal
requirement to use the "TM" symbol with trademarks when talking about
them.  Trademark holders often ask people to do this, but nobody has
to do it.  However, I am not a lawyer, so if you think our practice
contravenes trademark law, please talk with Eben Moglen.  We'll follow
his advice.

We call this version of the system "GNU/Linux" to give the developers
of Linux a share of the credit, among other reasons.  Giving one
single component equal mention is plenty of credit, so I think our
moral obligation is more than fulfilled.

See for more
explanation of the matter.

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