Re: GNOME Foundation Elections - Preliminary results

tor 2004-12-09 klockan 13:07 -0500 skrev Daniel Veillard:
> On Thu, Dec 09, 2004 at 09:18:58AM -0800, Rob Adams wrote:
> > I think that's pretty unfair.  The candidates who were elected are all
> > active well-known members of the Gnome community.  Saying that a women
> > should have been elected solely for that reason just serves to minimize
> > the very real and significant contributions that the electees have made
> > to the Gnome community.
>   Let's say that we tend to elect people from the same technical core,
> and that Anne background would have provided some diversity. We are
> not very versed in law or relation with governements while she
> has knowledge in these domain. I hope she will be able to work
> within the "marketing" side of the foundation and get elected 
> next year, if she candidates again.

Great point. Had it been raised before the election, it would likely
have made quite a difference.

I'm a bit concerned that there was just about no campaigning at all. No,
we don't want anything like the circus from hell that national political
campaigns tend to be today, but just being quiet because it's the polite
thing to do will result in people getting elected just from name
recognition, because they come from a specific country, or from some
other superficial reason.

We've had two good, solid points raised this year; the debate with
Miguel, and this thread. Both were good, relevand, thought-provoking -
and too late to influence the actual election results.

Just a little bit of impoliteness wouldn't hurt next year :)

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