GNOME Foundation Elections - Preliminary results

The GNOME Foundation Membership & Elections Committee is pleased to
announce the preliminary results for the Board of Directors.

We strongly encourage everyone to look at the detailed results to verify
their ballot. You can also run the software used to count the results to
verify that these preliminary results are valid.

These results can be challenged by sending an e-mail to
elections gnome org  The challenges have to be sent before Friday,
December 20, 2004, 23:59 UTC. Please note that these results should not
be considered final until any such challenges have been resolved.

Candidates in order of votes received, with affiliations:

      Owen Taylor (150 votes) - Red Hat
      Luis Villa (131 votes) - Novell, Inc.
      Jody Goldberg (124 votes) - Novell, Inc.
      Daniel Veillard (119 votes) - Red Hat
      Jonathan Blandford (112 votes) - Red Hat
      Federico Mena-Quintero (108 votes) - Novell, Inc.
      Tim Ney (105 votes) - GNOME Foundation
      Miguel de Icaza (103 votes) - Novell, Inc.
      Murray Cumming (103 votes) - None
      Christian Schaller (99 votes) - Fluendo S.L.
      David Neary (93 votes) - None
      Anne �tergaard (86 votes) - None
      Bill Haneman (85 votes) - Sun Microsystems
      Leslie Proctor (79 votes) - None
      Dom Lachowicz (79 votes) - None
      Michael Meeks (76 votes) - Novell, Inc.
      Bryan Clark (75 votes) - Red Hat
      Germ�Po�ama�47 votes) - None
      Rodney Dawes (19 votes) - Novell, Inc.

If the results are not challenged, then the elected directors will be:

      Owen Taylor
      Luis Villa
      Jody Goldberg
      Daniel Veillard
      Jonathan Blandford
      Federico Mena-Quintero
      Tim Ney
      Miguel de Icaza
      Murray Cumming
      Christian Schaller
      David Neary

Some figures about the votes: there were 324 registered voters. 183
voters sent valid ballots. One vote was not valid because the voter sent
an invalid authentication token. 

The results can be found at

Instructions to verify the results and get more detailed results can be
found at

The Committee would like to thank all the voters and all the candidates.

The GNOME Foundation Membership & Elections Committee

Eric Baudais
Gael Chamoulaud
Sayamindu Dasgupta
Gregory Leblanc
Vincent Untz

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