Re: Yes to Publicity! Not to Anonimity! Was: Re: GNOME Foundation Annual Elections - proposal

<quote who="Sergey Panov">

> On Sat, 2003-09-13 at 18:53, Andrew Sobala wrote:
> > "Open voting can make it more difficult to work with other people in the
> > GNOME project who know you voted against them in the Foundation
> > Elections."
> I am sorry, but that argument would have been appropriate in the high
> school cheerleader's club council. I hope people in the GNOME foundation
> are responsible adults. 
> I understand the horror of not giving your vote to my boss, but I would
> loose respect for myself if I can not suppress that horror and I would
> definitely vote NO if there are reasons to experience that horror.

It is difficult to understand these pressures as an independent Foundation
member. I wasn't convinced it was a serious problem at first, but then I
extrapolated the interpersonal pressures I felt when voting last year to
voting as part of a company team... Sometimes, your goals at a community
level are different to your own goals at a company level.

> More over, I would consider public vote as a shield from my boss
> persecution (0 anonymous votes for him will be as bad for me 0 public
> votes). As a boss in the "public" company like Helix or RedHat you should
> think twice before taking actions against you employ who voted against you
> in the public vote (if not, you are not just immoral freak, you are dumb).  

Luckily, by implementing anonymous voting, we can completely avoid *all* of
these problems from the very start; the immediate pressures and consequences

- Jeff

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