Re: RealMedia used for GUADEC live transmissions?


An addendum:

>     Or he could *download* the proprietary software, and run it for a few
>     hours, and effectively make a change instead of complaining. 
> We all lead by example with our actions; we all show our priorities by
> what factors we base our decisions on.  You have made your values and
> priorities clear: you value technical advances far more than freedom.

In fact: notice that I did not have anything to do with using
RealAudio, all am saying is that today those who *complain* can do
*something* to fix things up instead of *demanding* that *others* do
the work for them.

If you manage to convince the organizers that they have to do it, that
would be great.  In the absence of that happening, what about doing to
improve things instead of doing these displays of mental purity.


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