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Selamat Mallagun !
(excute my rotten Malay)

Keep up the good works :)

Hasbullah Bin Pit wrote:
Glynn Foster menulis:


What I think we need most of all is a conference calendar at the start
of each year, so we're not rushing to send stuff at short notice - I
only got less than a week to send over a poster and some t-shirts. This
should have been done weeks in advance.

There will be fosscon in Malaysia


there is no booth specificlly for gnome there but the organizer is kind enough to give me some place to show my gnome l10n stuff.
i cant afford a booth :(

anyway, it will be great if i have something from the foundation.
so i plan to use/show my own box (with garnome) there.

I have no idea when will the next year fossconn will held.

i dont know whether a sole booth for gnome is needed or not?
maybe speaker from gnome community?  next year???


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Ghee Teo

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