Conference Booth Organization

Hi folks!  A few of us GNOMErs in Portland managed to put together a
booth for GNOME at OSCON.  We managed to talk to a lot of folks, and
share some ideas about what GNOME is, and where it's going.  I think the
booth went pretty well in general, we even had a few 'celebrities' stop
by (Miguel, Jim Gettys, and Keith Packard, and so on).  However, there
were a bunch of things that we could have done a lot better, so I've
been trying to write them up, so that we can have an even more kick-ass
booth for the next conference (LWE SF, anyone?).  Here's a list, a bit
of explanation for most of the items, and one or two closing remarks.

Notes for GNOME booths
1) Way to hang poster
2) (tri-fold?) hand outs
3) Screenshots on stand-up "cards"
4) Banner for front of table
5) Spiel-type thing
6) Friends of gnome domations setup
7) Generic business cards

1) We've got this lovely GNOME poster, but it's really hard to hang up. 
It doesn't have any eyelets, so we ended up bending some hooks, and
using stage tape to hold them onto the back of the poster.

2) Handouts!  These can probably just be posted online, and printed
out/folded by some volunteers who are working the conference, rather
than shipping them all over the place.

3) It would be really cool to have some great GNOME Screenshots printed
up on some sort of foam or paperboard backing, that we could stand up on
the booth table.  Bright colors and big pictures; things that people can
see from across to room to lure them over to the booth.

4) Another banner that says "GNOME Foundation" or something for hanging
on the front of the table would be pretty cool.  It doesn't need to be
as flashy as the big poster (nor anywhere near as big).  Some good way
to hold this one on the table is important too.

5) "Spiel type thing".  Computer folks tend to be shy as a breed... 
This applies to both the attendees of the conference, as well as the
folks manning the GNOME booth.  We need to have some thoughts about how
to get started talking to the people who come by about all the cool
stuff in GNOME.

6) Friends of GNOME Donation setup.  I'm not sure how things work on
this currently, but it'd be really nice to have a way for people to make
donations to GNOME at the conference, so that we don't just have to send
them to the website to make donations.  Even if we can't do anything
with plastic, we ought to still handle everything else.  While we're on
donations, we had some people make donations in exchange for t-shirts,
but we couldn't give them receipts.  Receipts are an integral part of

7) Generic Business Cards:  We ought to get a batch of these printed up
with a GNOME Logo, and a 'GNOME Foundation Member' title on them, and
some basic GNOME contact info.  Spots for folks to jot down their
name/contact info would be pretty handy too.  

So, these are pretty much just the materials that need to go into a
'GNOME Booth Setup Kit.'  We probably also need a webp age that has some
more details.  We at least need to know who to contact about getting the
basic funding for these conferences (most of the conference organizers
will be willing to donate the booth and space to us for free, but there
are some other costs, like a table, and 'unionized labor' to set up and
take down the booth. 
We also need to figure out if we can afford to have more than one of
these 'kits', and if so, where they need to be stored so that they can
be quickly shipped to the folks at the conference.  

Sorry this turned out so long, but I'd love to get to the point where
GNOME has a booth that looks as good as the ones for the big companies
who show up, instead of looking like it was thrown together at the last

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