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El mié, 16 de 07 de 2003 a las 06:17, Jeff Waugh escribió:
> <quote who="Telsa Gwynne">
> > So perhaps a CD of 'sample files' should go in your booth kit too? 
> Morphix would be excellent, both as a freebie item and a demonstration tool.
> If we had a Morphix GNOME Demo image on the FTP site, with a little branding
> work, some marketing documentation ("What is GNOME?", press releases, etc.)
> and demonstration tools (such as the sample files), it would be very easy
> for booth volunteers to put on a good show. At least in the demo department.
> ;-)

Gnome-Hispano made a GNOME Live CD that was distributed in a spanish
magazine, it is based on Knoppix (as Morphix is).  It belongs to another
project (metadistros), where the idea is any user could create his or
her own distribution that fit better with his or her own priorities and

The webpage is available only in spanish (but it can be translated as

For the next HispaLinux at Spain, the team is working in a update of
that to make around 1000 copies and give them to everyone.

German Poo Caaman~o
mailto:gpoo ubiobio cl
"Hay 10 tipos de personas: las que entienden binario y las que no."

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