Re: Mailing list cleanup proposal

<quote who="Owen Taylor">

> My proposal (nothing I haven't said before multiple times)
>  - Make gnome-hackers public subscription

gnome-hackers would then essentially be a lowish-traffic central organising
and conversation list for all of GNOME? Pretty much is now - great! :-)

>  - Make gnome-private exactly gnome-foundation members. 
>    (Some problem if we are only processing membership applications
>    once a year, but maintaining a separate heuristically 
>    maintained group of "cool people" is just not feasible 
>    at the current size of the GNOME project.)

Which, presumably, would not be such a great idea now that pretty much
anyone who has something to do with GNOME can be a Foundation member? It
would be hard to feel secure posting to that list, which would negatively
impact positive collaboration there (and make negative stuff that much more
open to leakage).

> Confusing, perhaps, but I don't think that confusion creates active harm;
> only the people moderating the lists need to understand the distinctions
> here.

It's a bit of a problem that some people don't even know that gnome-hackers
or gnome-private exists. Also, we have quite a few invisible lists up there,
though most of them get zero traffic.

I personally don't see any reason for having invisible lists. Private
archives for precious few, sure, but invisible lists are just annoying (and
with better descriptions, I don't think random subscription attempts will be
a problem).

- Jeff

    "Gah. Out of coffee. Shall think whilst auto-caffeinating." - Telsa     

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