Re: Mailing list cleanup proposal

<quote who="Gregory Leblanc">

> Well, gnome-* is redundant, but list isn't, unless you're looking at all
> the headers.  There are lots of email addresses, some go to
> lists of people, and some go to just one person.

(Yeah, I agree with this.)

> Email addresses should not contain gnome- at the beginning of
> their name.
> Email addresses intended for discussions (such as the current
> 'desktop-devel-list' and the 'gnome-list') should have -list appended to
> their name.
> Email addresses intended to reach a group of folks, but not necessarily
> for discussions (like the current 'release-team' and
> 'membership-committee'[1]) should have -team appended to their name.

                        ^ WARNING: HANGING FOOTNOTE! ;-)

> Email addresses that go to a single individual (such as the current
> 'director') should not have anything appended to their name.
> I think that covers what we're using emails for.  Thoughts?

Much agreed, though I think it should be for future reference, than doing
anything rash now (but I'm pretty sure you meant that anyway).

- Jeff

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