Re: Mailing list cleanup proposal

On Sun, 1 Dec 2002, Jeff Waugh wrote:

> <quote who="Owen Taylor">
> >  - Make gnome-private exactly gnome-foundation members. 
> >    (Some problem if we are only processing membership applications
> >    once a year, but maintaining a separate heuristically 
> >    maintained group of "cool people" is just not feasible 
> >    at the current size of the GNOME project.)
> Which, presumably, would not be such a great idea now that pretty much
> anyone who has something to do with GNOME can be a Foundation member? It
> would be hard to feel secure posting to that list, which would negatively
> impact positive collaboration there (and make negative stuff that much more
> open to leakage).

Any such perception of security is/was at best illusionary - if you can
send something to a list with a large number of subscribers you have no
precice knowledge of then you can send it practicly anywhere. Information
from it did get passed on to further "trustworthy" people anyways.

> > Confusing, perhaps, but I don't think that confusion creates active harm;
> > only the people moderating the lists need to understand the distinctions
> > here.
> It's a bit of a problem that some people don't even know that gnome-hackers
> or gnome-private exists. Also, we have quite a few invisible lists up there,
> though most of them get zero traffic.
> I personally don't see any reason for having invisible lists. Private
> archives for precious few, sure, but invisible lists are just annoying (and
> with better descriptions, I don't think random subscription attempts will be
> a problem).

Well, see, at least at some point the knowledge of gnome-private was
supposed to be as private as its contents. So you either were on the list
or (supposedly) didn't know about its existence and hence could hardly
have missed it not being in the list of mailing lists.

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