Re: Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting 16 October 2001

<quote who="Linas Vepstas">


> > Okay, did a bit of work on d.g.o this morning. Removed some of the old
> > cruft that Martin did months ago and for now added a doc about the vbs
> > to Hopefully people will start
> > putting more useful docs there [ie. all the changes to X from 1.4 to 2.0
> > docs that currently just reside in CVS].

Thanks heaps for doing this Glynn.

> Hmm, OK, well then, thanks.  I think I need to apologize at least in part,
> since appearently some of that info was there, under my nose, and I didn't
> see it.
> I also didn't bother to chase the link 'older dot.plan news...' since I
> thought to myself, 'oh, that's obsolete archives & stuff, pointless to
> look there, since clearly gnome-2.0 is new, not old.'

Actually, both of these changed with Glynn's update - you can peruse LXR to
see. ;) There were no links, etc. I mentioned to Glynn that I'd fix up the
linkage afterward at some stage. I'll do that this weekend.

GNOME release team meetings are at 3am for me, so I generally don't have too
much energy left once they're over. ;)

- Jeff

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