Re: Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting 16 October 2001


On Thu, Oct 18, 2001 at 12:31:38PM -0400, Daniel Veillard was heard to remark:
>  - Update on GNOME 2
>    schedule is published, as usual people would like to add more feature
>    problem now is to meet that schedule. This is in the hands of the
>    developpers, translators and documentors now.
>    Nautilus port to Gnome2 seems to be a bit behind schedule.
>    Porting is making progress in general.

Maybe I'm a dork that's out of touch ... but ...

I have no clue on how to port to gnome-2.0.  I've recently hacked,
in some medium-sized way, the gnome time-tracker tool (I almost 
tripled the number of lines of code in it ... for better or worse).
I've had people tell me to port to gnome-2.0.

Threre's been mention of 'vicous build scripts' -- where do I find 
these??  Maybe they're in CVS somewhere ? 

Looking at there's only one promising 
link ...  its to which has a 
schedule, but no practical how-to's, no build notes, nada.

So I'm punting on the gnome-2 port.  I noticed that various gnome-2 ish 
things are showing up in debian unstable, and so my plan is to port to 
gnome-2 as they show up in debian ... I doubt this is optimal 
schedule-wise ...

Another thing that would be nice is a 'what's new' or 'porting hints'.
For example, I noticed that gtkobj has been replaced by gobj.  But
I feel very clever for having noticed this ... certainly other, 
somewhat less active/attached programmers are not likely to notice such 
things ...

I can't possibly be the only one left scratching my head. 



p.s. telling me to subscribe to yet another mailing list is not
really going to work.  I'm already spending too much time with email.
I really, really beleive tha the web site should coordinate these kinds
of efforts ...

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