Re: Candidate

bruce perens com (Bruce Perens) writes:

> I will stand for election to the board.


Do you think you have the time to follow the goings-on of GNOME at the
level of detail required to do a good job? I haven't seen around you
on the lists or on IRC, and when I sent mail Cc'd to you earlier, I
got an auto-response explaining how busy you were and suggesting that
I contact your assistant. I know you have many responsibilities
already (close involvement in running 3 corporations, ad you have
mentioned), and none of these are GNOME related.

I do think that it would be useful to have an "free software elder
statesman" type person on the board who is widely respected primarily
for non-GNOME work. But I would rather see someone like Jim Gettys or
Alan Cox, who is involved on a regular basis and up on the current
issues facing GNOME, much as all the other candidates so far are, or
even someone like Brian Behlendorf who has facilitated the process of
creating the foundation.

I hope you won't take my comments too personally - I think you've done
a lot of good work for free software, and I hope you keep up the good
work. In fact, I feel incredibly guilty for starting the first
negative campaigning in this election. Everyone tar & feather me,

 - Maciej

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