I will stand for election to the board.

My major contributions to Gnome are not code. However, I'm the author
of the Electric Fence malloc() debugger, which no doubt has been used
to debug many a Gnome program. I have contributed to the "Squishdot"
code which is used for the Gnome "Gnotices" message board. Many Gnome
developers use Debian systems, and I've a lot of code in various places in
Debian. I created "busybox" (see, lineo now maintains
it), which is used in just about all Linux-based embedded systems,
including those which use a Gnome GUI.

I'm a pretty well-known spokesperson for free software. As a spokesperson, I
was an early promoter of Gnome and have remained one to this day.

I'm the primary author of the Open Source Definition and the Debian Free
Software Guidelines.

I know how to talk with business people. I'm chairman of two corporations,
and a director and officer of a third. I also serve on many advisory boards.
I've advised a lot of companies on how to work with free software .

I work well with the press. They call me for quotes often, and they return
my phone calls when I have something to promote. I was on the front page
of the Wall Street Journal last year.

President of Linux Capital Group and director. They have invested all of their
money for now, so that isn't taking up much of my time.

Chairman of Progeny Linux Inc. (, which happens to be using GNOME
in their system.

Chairman of Known Safe Inc. (, a start-up cryptography company.

Ex Debian project leader. Built the project from 60 to 200 people, established
many of the project's policies that live on to this day, did a lot of software

Founder of No-Code International (, a ham radio organization which
has gotten laws changed in the U.S. and a number of other countries. They have
over 1000 members (probably closer to 2000) in about 50 countries.

Founder of the Linux Standard Base.

Co-Founder of the Open Source Initiative and Software in the Public Interest.

I've grown up a bit since those days. Being a father of a 5-month-old has
helped rearrange my priorities. See for baby pictures.


	Bruce Perens

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