Re: Candidate

On 9 Oct 2000, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> I do think that it would be useful to have an "free software elder
> statesman" type person on the board who is widely respected primarily
> for non-GNOME work. But I would rather see someone like Jim Gettys or
> Alan Cox, who is involved on a regular basis and up on the current
> issues facing GNOME, much as all the other candidates so far are, or
> even someone like Brian Behlendorf who has facilitated the process of
> creating the foundation.

I appreciate the mention, though I'm afraid I wouldn't be very helpful,
for the same reasons you're concerned about Bruce - though I will still
follow this list and pipe up when I've got something original to say on
foundation-related topics.

I have every confidence that if Bruce says he has the sufficient time to
dedicate to GNOME to be productive, he will be.


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