Candidacy (James Henstridge)

I would like to nominate myself for the GNOME Foundation board.

I have been working on various components of GNOME since 1998, and am
the maintainer of a number of packages that make up part of the GNOME

- I am the maintainer of the GNOME bindings for the Python programming
  language.  I have also been in contact with other language binding
  authors, so should be able to represent their interests

- Maintainer of the libglade library.  I wrote the libglade library,
  which is used in a number of GNOME applications.

- I am the current maintainer of the drawing application GNU Dia, so
  have some experience working on projects of that size.

- I am a member of the current GNOME Steering Committee since it was
  formed at GUADEC.

- I am not employed by any company that has GNOME as one of its
  revenue streams (I am finishing off my honours year at university at
  the moment).  This may change in the future though.

- I am from Australia, and it doesn't look like we have any other
  Australian candidates yet :)

I would like to continue this role on the board of the GNOME
Foundation, representing these interests.  There are probably also
other reasons to vote for me that I have forgotten :)


Email: james daa com au

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