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When I co-founded the Open Source Initiative, my intent then was that it be
a marketing program for Free Software to business. I was _horrified_ when Eric
Raymond pushed it in the direction of a "different movement", and this is part
of what led me to walk off of the OSI board.

When I first proposed the Open Source Definition, it was called the Debian
Free Software Guidelines and it still exists in that form. RMS approved of it,
in an email to me, at that time. It's ESR's positioning that caused RMS to
deprecate Open Source.

I work closely with FSF. I recently visited a large corporation as their
representative, at their request.

If you want to be clear about where I am coming from regarding Open Source and
Free Software, read and other documents at .

Regarding the non-free documentation license, although ESR proposed it,
I don't believe that the OSI board is behind it. It happens that I am
working on a book under the GNU Free Documentation License, and am attempting
to get a process started for companies that are involved in Free Software
to sponsor the production of books that are themselves Free Software. I am
working with a large vendor that you all know on this. I will talk about it
in more detail when I can.



From: Mark Galassi <rosalia galassi org>
> Bruce, I would remind you that if you end up on the GNOME board, the
> GNOME project is a GNU project, and as you know the other people
> behind the "Open Source Terminology Movement" have lost track of the
> ideal of freedom and proposed a non-free documentation/book license.
> I know that you spoke out against that non-free license, but the more
> important point is that on the GNOME board you would speak for free
> software, and need to put the term "open source" in that perspective.
> When we discussed this years ago for GNOME I proposed that we write
> "free software (sometimes known as open source software)".  That is
> still how GNOME portrays itself.  I hope you will pledge to remain
> faithful to that even though your name is associated with the term
> "open source".

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