Re: Candidate

    Bruce> I was _horrified_ when Eric Raymond pushed it in the
    Bruce> direction of a "different movement", and this is part of
    Bruce> what led me to walk off of the OSI board.

Dude, I believe that your heart is in the right place.  What you say
is convincing.

I hope you learned, from that experience, though, to have better
judgement.  The person you worked with is a self-aggrandizing (is that
a word?  and if so, is it spelled correctly?) person.  Not the kind
you want to entrust as a keeper of the defender of *any part* of the
free software movement.

If you have learned that lesson, then you will do good things on the
GNOME board and not be dragged in directions that seem cool but are
based on trusting the wrong people.

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