Re: [GF] initial slate - european part


Bart Decrem wrote:

> I have personally invited Bertrand and Mathieu to participate on
> foundation-list, but haven't heard a peep from them yet.

well I just speak for me and I cann't be the lawer of them but
I think that this situation must be just a little mess caused for
the noise in the mail, the daily stuff and so on. It must be
more care in put the GF rolling that a "political" question.

> So yes, I think it'd be wonderful if we got more input from Europeans
> Gnome hackers, but I think it's unfair to accuse the Steering Committee
> of being US dominated.

The main point is the promotion of the GNOME. Europe is a very complex
continent small and plenty of lang., differents cultures and different
beers ;-).
We need to have commandos in every country to be very actives. I'm not
dominated but anybody.

So lets work and forget the history. I didn't remember the exactly Keitel
from Pulp Fiction.

Best Regards

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