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Martin Baulig <> writes:

> ====
> h) someone from Europe [...]
>    (and who's familar with marketing, shows etc. there)
> ====
> The point is that we need to have someone from Europe
> on the board of directors of the main GNOME Foundation
> (the one that we'll announce at LWE).
> Ideally we should pick someone who'll later be on the
> board of the European GF as well so we'll have a real
> representative of GNOME Europe on the main board.
> I think, the most important thing is that we have
> "European issues" represented in the main GF - for
> instance things like to which shows etc. we go, which
> kind of marketing we want to do, how much money we want
> to spend for marketing and such.

Hi guys,

Well, after reading the foundation-list and finding that
there's still noone interested there in proposing an
initial slate for the main GF I start to agree that it
may be really better to just announce an interim board
at LWE (which can be the current steering committee) and
wait with the elections of the real board.

If we do this, we'll also have some more time to think
about the european issues and to select someone for the

However, if we do the elections before LWE we have really
limited time, so better let's go on.

                            * * *

To summarize, for the moment, the primary goal is to get
the foundation up and running.

I think we can only get a larger acceptance of the GF if
people feel like they're actually represented in it.

So we need to give european people the feeling that this
is not just a US institution but a thing for the whole
GNOME community.

In addition to this, the initial board of directors will
have a whole lot of work during the first months and they
may face rejection and bad faith especially from european

This makes it even more important for the initial board to
give people the feeling that this is a thing for the whole
GNOME community.

A lot of people I talked to here in germany and europe said
that they dislike the way decisions are being made in the
project at the moment because the steering committee was
never elected and is also a pure american institution.

This is one of the big tasks for the foundation.

                            * * *

I think it's not so important to think about the future
European GNOME Foundation, it may be more important to choose
someone who's able to give people the feeling that they're
represented in the GNOME Foundation.

Comments are welcome.

Martin Baulig (private) (work)

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