Re: What is GNOME?

Miguel de Icaza <> writes: 
> No, I did not miss your point.
> See, back in the early GNOME days, a little contribution made a big
> difference to the whole project.  Even a simple bug fix was well
> received.  Even a small game.  They all added to make what GNOME is
> today.
> A game back then made Ian Peters an active contributor of GNOME, and
> he eventually became a GNOME maintainer.  

This thread is dead, unless you are going to give a concrete proposal
for how we decide who gets to vote in GNOME elections.

I want productive, concrete suggestions. Suggestions we have so far

 - if you want to be a member, you just ask, and the steering
   committee rubber-stamp approves it if they see any evidence
   of participation in GNOME
 - if you want to be a member you have to have work included 
   in a GNOME release

Do you like one of those, or would you like to suggest an alternative?

In general, just ranting about vague stuff like "openness" results in
unproductive flameage. Giving a concrete proposal results in making a
useful decision. 


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