Re: What is GNOME?

> > I would definetly consider gfloppy part of the GNOME desktop. 
> >
> As I said before, yes it's part of the desktop. You and Federico both
> missed my point here, which was that it wasn't something that should
> make someone a member of the organization.

No, I did not miss your point.

See, back in the early GNOME days, a little contribution made a big
difference to the whole project.  Even a simple bug fix was well
received.  Even a small game.  They all added to make what GNOME is

A game back then made Ian Peters an active contributor of GNOME, and
he eventually became a GNOME maintainer.  

> However, the debate has become irrelevant, because neither of the two
> organizational models now being considered use projects as the
> criterion for membership really.


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